All Natural Alternatives for Patients

People are starting to think more seriously about their health and are trying to get away from potentially harmful pharmaceuticals and toxins. Our office is now offering safe, natural, in-office treatments that are also available for patient use at home. At White Sands Dentistry we no longer offer fluoride in any form to our patients. Instead of products such as fluoride, we are now using natural products from Dental Herb Company. Their products improve oral health by reducing oral bacteria and promoting gingival healing. They contain pure essential oils which are powerful anti-microbials that provide maximum potency. The oils have long-lasting effectiveness to combat the harmful oral bac

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Making You Sick?

Dr. Mallery recommends that by age 16 a panoramic x-ray be performed to evaluate the presence of wisdom teeth. It is easiest to remove the teeth before the roots are fully developed for both the patient and the surgeon. Interesting nutrition studies performed by Dr. Weston Price show that “when people stop eating their native diets, within one to two generations, their jaws no longer grew as large, and they were unable to accommodate their wisdom teeth. Consequently, it is increasingly common today for people to have impacted wisdom teeth.” This is another reason Dr. Mallery recommends following a clean diet consisting of organic or home-grown unprocessed foods. It is widely known that wis

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