Huggins-Grube Protocol & Principles of Dental Revision The late Dr. Hal Huggins is globally recognized as the father of holistic dentistry who had been sounding alarm about the toxic ways of conventional dentistry while researching and developing his own biocompatible protocols since the late 1960s. Throughout the many decades of his fruitful career he had been throwing sand into the gears of mainstream governmental and trade agencies who turned the blind eye to the data of his extensive clinical research. He stuck his neck out and paved the way for all of us who decided to abandon the flawed ways of conventional dentistry. He had tirelessly challenged the status quo rooted in unsupported no

Holistic Dentistry 101

HOLISTIC DENTISTRY 101 (all information therein is based on an extensive body of scientific evidence; for any specific primary research articles and for further information go to the websites of these independent organizations: International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology at and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine at,) Holistic Dentistry is Fluoride Free Fluoride, a waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing and phosphate mining industries, is a neurotoxin, hormonal disruptor and a carcinogen. It has been shown to cause osteosarcoma of the bone, birth defects, hip fractures, hypothyroidism, calcification of the pineal gland, neurolog

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