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Huggins-Grube Protocol


Principles of Dental Revision

The late Dr. Hal Huggins is globally recognized as the father of holistic dentistry who had been sounding alarm about the toxic ways of conventional dentistry while researching and developing his own biocompatible protocols since the late 1960s. Throughout the many decades of his fruitful career he had been throwing sand into the gears of mainstream governmental and trade agencies who turned the blind eye to the data of his extensive clinical research. He stuck his neck out and paved the way for all of us who decided to abandon the flawed ways of conventional dentistry. He had tirelessly challenged the status quo rooted in unsupported notions that fluoride is safe and effective way to prevent tooth decay, that mercury in dental amalgam fillings poses no risk to human health, and that root canal therapy is a sound and non-problematic method in preserving infected or dead teeth. He had shown time and again how degenerative systemic disease is caused or exacerbated by dental materials and dental procedures that do not take into consideration the delicate biology of the human body. Over the years, he furthered his education in immunology and toxicology and developed a comprehensive clinical protocol. This dental revision protocol ensures safety, efficiency, and the most optimal results in reversing degenerative diseases generally regarded as incurable, such as multiple sclerosis, Lupus, and leukemia. In Dr. Huggins’ own words “this protocol is not for everyone…….only for those that genuinely care about their health.” Shorty before his death in 2014, Dr. Huggins passed the baton to his protégé Dr. Blanche Grube who has since been blazing trails lecturing and expanding on this protocol. The hallmarks of this revolutionary Huggins-Grube protocol are outlined below:

The Assist Report

First, a patient must go to LabCorp and have their blood drawn for comprehensive blood chemistries, complete blood count, and dental material serum biocompatibility test. A lipid profile, kidney, liver, and thyroid functions, serum glucose and calcium levels, etc. are all evaluated. Dental materials that are least likely to cause immune reaction are identified. Furthermore, a hair sample is also taken for complete hair analysis to test for many different toxic elements and minerals. Extensive questionnaire consisting of 400 questions further aids in assembly of The Assist Report which includes all of the following: nutritional consultation with certified nutritionist, comprehensive blood biochemistry report, comprehensive hair analysis report, computerized report, detoxification recommendations, your ancestral diet and cooking guide, educational materials, and initial supply of supplements. (***Please note White Sands Dentistry patients: if you are already working with a competent naturopathic physician addressing the above then we will only need dental material serum biocompatibility test.)

Dental Examination and Consultation

A full-mouth series of X-rays where all teeth as well as extraction sites and areas of wisdom teeth are clearly seen will be needed. Cone Beam CT Scan may be ordered if necessary. In addition to conventional dental examination and oral cancer screening the following will be used: Diagnodent (or Cavitat Ultrasound) exam to determine the level of demineralization of enamel; Mercury Vapor Test; and Rita Meter to determine electrical charge of each metal filling or crown (more on this later). (*** Please note, at White Sands Dentistry we expanded this examination protocol to include saliva pH litmus test to determine acidity and thus caries risk; and phase contrast microscope analysis to determine which specific pathogens are causing your gingivitis or periodontal disease (here we draw on extensive work of Dr. Craig Zunka, a past president of Holistic Dental Association).)

Patient Education, Treatment Plan Presentation, and Informed Consent

In this section diet, nutrition, and the Assist Report is reviewed and recommendations are made regarding the appropriate supplements. Treatment plan is presented and informational videos are shown; written consent forms are signed. Supplements are to begin 2 weeks prior to the beginning of dental revision.

Performing A Full Mouth Dental Revision under Conscious Sedation is highly Recommended.

When patient is under conscious sedation, administration of Vitamin C through the IV line is extremely beneficial as it kills viruses, bacteria, and toxins absorbed into the tissues during dental procedure and protects filtering organs such liver, kidney, heart, and brain. It is also possible to do all of the procedures in one seating while minimizing impact on the nervous and immune systems. It is still important to remove all mercury fillings and other metal restorations in sequence; however. Then, surgical extractions are performed and finally cavitations/NICOs are surgically revised. This way there is no risk of accidental contamination of any surgical site with metal particles. All previously root-canaled teeth are sent to a lab for DNA analysis to determine which microorganisms were harbored. Examples of bacteria routinely isolated from such teeth include Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease), Clostridium botulinum (a source of very toxic botulotoxin), as well as Mycobacterium leprae (causes Leprosy), just to name a few.

If IV conscious sedation is opted out of then the following must be strictly followed:

Scheduling Appointments

Dr. Huggins developed the safest schedule for dental treatment that revolves around naturally occurring cycles of the immune system and this is yet another hallmark of Huggins-Grube Protocol. The so-called 7-14-21 Day Rule takes into consideration that the day 7, 14, and 21 post procedure the immune system is the most vulnerable due to white blood cell turnover and another procedure should be scheduled outside of these days to prevent an immune challenge. In other words, patient should not be scheduled on the same day of the week. 48-Hour Rule states that it takes 48 hours for the immune system recovery therefore appointments should not be scheduled back to back. 2-Hour Rule dictates that each appointment should not exceed more than two hours to prevent the immune system from crashing. And finally, the 30-Day Rule stresses the importance of all procedures be accomplished within 30-day window or else autoimmune reaction may result.

Clinical Procedure

When it comes to metal removal, sequence and timing is everything. As mentioned above, Rita Meter is used to measure the electrical charge of the individual metal restoration. Determining the electrical charge is one of the main hallmarks of Huggins-Grube Protocol. Dr. Huggins learned the hard way that each metal restoration, through its electrical charge, stimulates either sympathetic or parasympathetic branch of the peripheral nervous system. When sympathetic branch is stimulated first, accelerated destruction of tissues is seen. Parasympathetic branch promotes formation of new tissues and therefore should be stimulated first. Proper removal sequence based on the charge is paramount in order to avoid complications. Removing offending metal out of sequence may in fact exacerbate or jump start autoimmune response. The quadrant with the most highly negatively charged restoration must go first. After all negative charge is removed then goes the most highly positive charge until all metal is gone. This will ensure that parasympathetic branch is stimulated first. Correct sequence thus promotes orderly removal of toxins and stimulates the cell renewal process. Furthermore, crossing of the midline on the same appointment must be avoided. This has to do with left and right brain hemisphere and electron exchange and tachycardia could result. When surgical extractions are being performed, not only the periodontal ligament should be removed but additional millimeter of bone as well. This is another important distinction of Huggins-Grube Protocol. Dr. Huggins discovered that not only the ligament but about 1 mm of surrounding bone are most highly contaminated with microorganisms and heavy metals. Finally, Dr. Huggins would teach the importance of removing amalgam tattoos and over-retained root tips as well, both significant sources of disease-provoking agents.

Patient and Staff Protection

In addition to all the principles of SMART protocol developed by IAOMT (outlined above) Dr. Huggins added to the armamentarium Pitcher and Catcher Negative Ion Generator. Dr. Huggins postulated that charcoal air purifiers are too slow and inefficient and air contamination by mercury persists long after the mercury removal procedure. Pitcher and Catcher system pulls mercury and other toxic pollutants out of the air very quickly and very efficiently.

Detoxification and Supplementation

Dr. Huggins maintained that regular detoxification should be an ongoing, life-long process. In addition to cleansing food and supplementation or protocols tailored individually by a competent naturopath, utilization of steam sauna, skin brushing, infrared sauna, ionic foot bath, hot yoga and alike are all excellent ways to detoxify the body. Supplementation is determined by blood chemistries prior and post revision. Another important distinction here is that Dr. Huggins determined supplementation based on the goal line of maximum health as opposed to 2-standard deviation of what is generally regarded healthy (also known as “within normal limits”). He also educates patients on the dangers of common, over-the-counter, calcium supplements. These calcium supplements are rarely in their biological form, most often derived from dolomite, oyster shells, bone meal, and coral calcium. As such they do far more harm than good. Such calcium is actually a contaminant that interferes with normal action of enzymes. Also, it precipitates and shows up in the body as dental calculus, kidney stones, atherosclerosis, cataracts, and arthritis.

At White Sands Dentistry we are proud to offer the world-renowned Huggins-Grube Protocol!

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