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Biological Hygiene

What is it?

Within the biological dental practice, a hygienist looks at the whole body to assist patients in preventing disease; it is a full-body approach to dental care. We look at more than just your teeth and gums, considering the root cause of dental symptoms. We start by taking a closer look at the dental microbiome, by carefully removing a small amount of attached biofilm from a root surface. The biological hygienist very carefully observes it under a specialized phase contrast microscope at each cleaning appointment. This is your start into a whole-body health
conversation. Many factors are considered in dental health such as proper home care practices, your diet, oral rest position, occlusion, airway, sleep habits, and oral pH. We can then assess how these factors can either help or hurt not only the teeth and gums, but also our systemic health.

How we do it

Biological hygienists also are aware of the toxic chemicals in everyday dental products, and so we do our best to only use or recommend non-toxic ingredients so as not to add to our overall toxic load. When considering microbes and how they enter the bloodstream, we also want to better understand any associations with multiple health consequences. These may include heart attack, stroke, low birth weight, early birth babies, and perhaps Alzheimer’s can be associated with dental microbes too. By utilizing ozone water or gas, a biological hygienist ensures thorough disinfecting of your mouth before probing these virulent microbes into the bloods tream.

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