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Ozone Therapy

When a person first hears the words ozone, they immediately think of our planet’s barrier from the sun and the air pollution that has created a hole in its protective layer. The ozone in our sky shields us from harmful sun rays, yes, but this is not the only critical role that ozone plays in our lives.

There are many cities across the United States and the rest of the world that utilize ozone to purify the air, sterilize fruit, vegetables and the liquids we drink. Ozone application has many uses and controlled ozone application has been found to be extremely safe and free from the side effects unlike every day medications.

Did you know our own bodies produce ozone to kill off microorganisms that can make us sick? Ozone is naturally produced in the body by white blood cells which help them fight more effectively.

Ozone in dentistry is not a far-fetched idea, it has been used in the United Kingdom for over twelve years to treat teeth with decay and there are more than six thousand dentists in the United States currently using ozone in their practices.

In our office, we use ozone therapy in a variety of different ways. The hygienists can use ozone as an irrigator in both its liquid and gaseous form. We first will have patients swish with it as a pre-procedural rinse to reduce the bacteria present in the mouth and then resume our everyday treatments. In addition to your typical cleaning, we now offer subgingival irrigation with ozonated water and subgingival irrigation with ozone gas.

The effects of ozone as irrigation are: a reduction in gingival pocketing, inflammation and infection, bleeding and sensitivity. We can also use ozone gas treatment on the surfaces of pits and fissures on our molars as an alternative to resin sealants for children and adults.

On the dental side of the office, ozone is used during most procedures like fillings and extractions for disinfecting prep areas, remineralization and sterilization of extraction sites. We also utilize ozone for chairside whitening to increase the overall effectiveness.

The office received training in ozone and everyone involved was certified in the techniques to better treat our patients.

We are constantly looking for more natural ways to appeal to the needs of our patients, so we offer ozonated oils for at home treatments for tooth sensitivity and whitening.

Next time you’re in the office, ask us about our options for dental ozone therapy.

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