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Are Your Wisdom Teeth Making You Sick?

Dr. Mallery recommends that by age 16 a panoramic x-ray be performed to evaluate the presence of wisdom teeth. It is easiest to remove the teeth before the roots are fully developed for both the patient and the surgeon. Interesting nutrition studies performed by Dr. Weston Price show that “when people stop eating their native diets, within one to two generations, their jaws no longer grew as large, and they were unable to accommodate their wisdom teeth. Consequently, it is increasingly common today for people to have impacted wisdom teeth.” This is another reason Dr. Mallery recommends following a clean diet consisting of organic or home-grown unprocessed foods. It is widely known that wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling and infection if not removed. Emerging views show that wisdom teeth may be the cause of systemic illness. According to Dr. Reinhold Voll, MD wisdom teeth or 3rd molars rest on major meridians. These meridians are connected to the heart, kidneys, small intestines and the nervous system. “The Meridian Tooth Chart is based on acupuncture meridians, pathways of energy that span across interrelated body parts, glands and tissues. Each tooth is associated with a particular meridian, through which energy flows. Dentists familiar with the Meridian Tooth Chart are often able to assess patients’ general state of health and wellness simply through a review of the oral environment. If a weakness in a particular system or organ exists, the condition for the tooth associated with that area could exacerbate the problem”(Meridian Chart for Teeth). A guide to these meridians can be found at:

According to Dr. Ernest Adler’s book Neurofocal Dentistry, wisdom teeth irritate the mandibular nerve. This irritation to the nerve can create a variety of systemic reactions including severe eczema, gastritis, loss of speaking voice, sciatica and heart problems. Once the wisdom teeth are removed these systemic reactions have shown to resolve.

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