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Throat Chakra: Teeth, Emotions, and Spirituality

Did you know that emotions and thought processes can impact your dental health? Our spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are entrained with the physical body through a system of energy centers called chakras. Oral cavity and its associated structures such as jaws, teeth, gums, lips, tongue, tonsils, TMJ, maxillary sinuses as well as cervical spine and thyroid gland all draw their vital life force through the so-called throat chakra. Unimpeded flow of this life force is critical for optimal health of these physical structures and blocked flow will over time result in disease. What blocks the flow of this vital life force? Discordant emotions resulting from chronic discordant thoughts which in turn are rooted in untrue core believes. Belief systems are thus in charge of our reality and our health. Each chakra is connected to its own unique set of emotional patterns. Throat chakra is connected to soul expression, namely the soul’s desire to fulfill its purpose and to express itself authentically and truthfully. However, if you live on Earth you live in a polarized and dualistic collective where societal programming instills untrue believes about oneself. This is seen most profoundly in belief systems having to do with a soul expression. From the very young age our society teaches us that our curiosity, creative endeavors, and desire for play are frivolous and must take the back seat while yielding to the responsibilities and duties demanded by the society. By the time we are teenagers we have lost touch with our passions. Throat chakra is the most highly blocked chakra and if you suffer from protracted gum disease, tooth decay, grinding and clenching, TMJ disorders, chronic tonsillitis, thyroid disease etc., ask yourself where you have been suppressed or where you have denied your creative needs. Are you afraid to speak up for fear of being rejected or hurting someone’s feelings? Are you afraid to play and be called lazy for it? Do you block your desire to paint or experiment with colors? Sing? Dance? Work on exciting projects? Or have you even forgotten completely what makes you excited? Do you stay in relationships that are stifling you? Did you buy into a belief that you don’t matter? Are you a self-appointed martyr that takes care of everybody else’s needs and forgets to take care of your needs? Primary emotion that blocks the throat chakra is fear to express oneself. Until this fear and the core belief of not being worthy of full soul expression is released, the disease in the associated structures such as teeth and gums will be difficult to manage and may require repeated dental treatment.

At White Sands Dentistry, a private holistic practice, we strive to address all possible causes of dental disease including nutrition, home-care practices, and spiritual and emotional needs. We provide gentle, conservative and preventative care. We utilize ozone therapy which has many applications in dentistry and is a non-toxic alternative to antibiotics and pharmaceuticals commonly used in conventional dentistry. We offer biological extractions and Huggins Protocol for comprehensive dental revision. We provide metal-free, fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe procedures. Our hallmark procedure is a safe removal of mercury “silver” amalgam fillings, the so-called SMART Protocol, for which we have been certified by International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. We are also active members of International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and Holistic Dental Association.

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