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Root Canal Treated Teeth
Dead Organs in the Oral Cavity

The Healthy Tooth

Each tooth is an independent organ that con­stantly exchanges substances and signals with the entire body via its nerve and blood vessels. Therefore, we feel radiating pain when the tooth nerve and the surrounding tissue in the root canal (the 'pulp') are inflamed. The vital pulp ensures the functioning and defense of the tooth, and is the central connection point to the body. It is formed by a relatively large opening in the root tip, from which the pulp emerges. Further openings of the pulp system to the outside exist via hundreds of thousands of small ducts on the entire root surface (so-called tubules and lateral canals) 

Root Canal Treated Teeth

(The Unhealthy Tooth)

A root canal treated tooth is a dead organ. The pulp in the root canal has been completely removed by the dentist after the tooth has caused pain or the nerve has died due to decay. In the next step of a root canal treat­ment, the pulp is replaced with a plastic filling material to seal the cleared root canal. The problem is, that despite the filling material, the dead tooth is colonized by pathogenic bacteria via the many small tubules and side canals. These bacte­ria decompose the remaining organic tissue and secrete harmful toxins. Despite the removal of the pulp, the tooth is still in contact with the surrounding tissue, so that the bacteria and their toxins are released into the lym­phatic system and bloodstream with every chew­ing action. The dentist will never be able to seal all the secondary canals of the tooth with his instruments. The root canal treated tooth thus represents a potential toxic blockage that could have consequences for the entire body. 

Consequences of Root Canal Treated Teeth

Both chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases have been on the rise for decades in all industrialized nations. The bacteria and their highly toxic, poten­tially carcinogenic decomposition products weaken the organs and systems of our body, whereupon the immune cells release additional harmful substances - a permanent immunological stress state is the dire consequence. Holistic dentists see significant improvements in typical symp­toms and diseases when root treated-teeth and other interference fields in the oral cavity are removed. 

Ceramic Implant

(The Alternative to Root Canal Treated Teeth)

Today, ceramic implants offer us the ideal oppor­tunity to replace a dead tooth with a healthier long term alternative - often directly replaced in one session. Unlike the metallic titanium, the ceramic implant does not affect the immune sys­tem (immunological neutrality) and does not provide a target for caries or gingivitis. Ceramic implants ensure the best aesthetics because of their white color. It is mechanically a stronger alternative and is metal free, with no possible toxins. After the implant is placed, in a subse­quent step, a ceramic crown can fully restore both the aesthetics and function of the original teeth. 

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