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White Sands Dentistry, the Holistic Approach.

White Sands Dentistry Implements Holistic Changes, as seen in Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Over the past year, White Sands Dentistry has successfully transitioned to holistic and biological dental care. This change culminated through many years of research on toxic procedures and materials related to the dental industry. This toxicity has been found as the root cause of numerous conditions and diseases.

We have made many notable changes here at White Sands Dentistry. First, we removed fluoride from all of our products. Scientific evidence shows that fluoride is a carcinogen, neurotoxin and hormonal disruptor. Second, we no longer support placement or unprotected removal of “silver” fillings. These fillings are 10% silver and 45-55% mercury. Mercury is the most toxic substance that we know of, next to radioactive plutonium. Yet dentists often place mercury fillings directly into people’s mouths, inches away from the brain.

We have also become certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to remove mercury fillings under strictly controlled conditions in order to minimize any accidental exposure to everyone involved, including the environment.

In addition, we have added other procedures and methodologies to our office like Ozone therapy, ceramic implants, screening for jaw-bone cavitations, BPA/BPB-free materials, metal-free restorations and removal prosthesis, nano silver therapeutics, phase contrast microscopy and material safety testing.

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