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Swiss Implants

Ceramic Implants: A Healthy, Metal Free Solution

Ceramic dental implants are nearly identical to traditional titanium dental implants with the exception they are made of a ceramic or glass-like substance, and there is no metal in these implants!

What are the benefits?

Ceramic implants from SDS Swiss Dental Solutions are designed by dentists, for dentists. The implants are very compatible and heal as firmly into the bone as a natural tooth, and the unique SDS protocol gen­erally allows teeth to be extracted and ceramic implants to be placed immediately within one session - that means fewer sessions and less lost time for you! Patients also report little to no pain following the implant placement. The ceramic implants are also designed to last a lifetime, and are an inflammation-free, life-long solution. 

Aside from great biocompatibility and durability, ceramic implants are naturally white, which means they offer the highest aesthetics and are healthier while eliminating unwanted grey margins at the gum line.

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