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Biological Dental Hygiene by Chantirra Kleiss, RDH

What makes biological dental hygiene unique? Biological dental hygienists are more than just tooth scrapers. We look at your body as a whole through the oral-systemic link. A phase-contrast microscope is used to evaluate the oral bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria and their bi-products play a significant role in damage of the soft and hard tissues in our mouth as well as the rest of our body. Through this bacterial evaluation we can modify your cleaning and create a specialized home care protocol to combat the specific types of bacteria found. Biological dental hygiene uses a holistic approach, including nontoxic materials. We use products that are fluoride free, artificial dye free and natural. One of the most effective holistic products we use is ozone gas. Ozone gas is three oxygen atoms that effectively kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi on contact. We use ozonated water in all our hygiene equipment and irrigate the gum pockets to efficiently kill those pathogenic bacteria. Ozone can also be used in the sinuses and ears as well as suspended in oil for topical use. Biological dental hygiene combines all the functionality of traditional dental hygiene in a nontoxic, holistic and less invasive way.


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