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Dr. Sylvia Zannis, DDS, CAGS, ND, AIAOMT

Dr. Sylvia’s journey began with “I want to help people feel better,” an idea that grew from watching her grandfather be of service to others in his business and in life. Dentistry was the focus that attracted her, and she started her education: a BS in Human Biology from Michigan State University followed by a Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) degree from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. To further her knowledge and skills, she spent her next year at Boston University pursuing her Advanced Education in General Dentistry certificate. Dr. Sylvia settled into private practice in the Boston area and was soon noticed for her excellence, being selected by her peers as a Top Dentist in 2019. She served as dental director of an integrative functional medicine clinic in New England. She is SMART certified and an active member of the IAOMT biological dentist organization. She earned a fellowship in ceramic implantology and a fellowship through the Academy of General Dentistry for dedication in continuing education.


Over the years and after treating many patients, a curiosity developed: why do some people have more diseases than others? That question led Dr. Sylvia to explore the connection of mind/body/spirit and a journey with her patients in search of the root cause of their symptoms. She discovered the paradigm shift of integrating dentistry and medicine, seeing the mouth as a gateway and everything connected. In support of her own life, Dr. Sylvia enjoys golf, tennis, skiing, and finding creative activities for her son, Jett.

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