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Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?

Biological and holistic dentistry seeks to heal diseases plaguing the oral cavity and emerging science is confirming that any disease of the mouth has systemic ramifications. To complicate the issue further, some mainstream dental procedures and materials are very toxic for the body and can cause degenerative disease.

Among the toxic materials routinely used in dentistry is for example fluoride. Fluoride is a hormone disruptor, carcinogen, and neurotoxin. Therapeutical effects of fluoride in tooth decay prevention are marginal at best and yet, toxicity of fluoride cannot be understated. A quick trip to International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine website will help you navigate through many scientific studies confirming the far reaching toxicity of fluoride. Another material that is being handled incorrectly is mercury. Dental amalgam fillings are 50% mercury and it off-gasses continuously. Mercury also easily passes through the epithelial cells of oral mucosa contaminating the brain in addition to other nearby anatomical structures. Neurological dysfunctions ranging from anxiety and depression all the way to devastating Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease top a long list of serious health issues associated with chronic mercury exposure. In fact, no organ system is spared as mercury bioaccumulates in the liver, GI track, lungs, and kidneys as well. There are also pathogens like Epstein Bar or Lyme that thrive in presence of heavy metal. Other metal alloys routinely used in dentistry such as crowns, prosthetic framework, or titanium implants also have neurotoxic effect and undermine the immune system. Many chronic autoimmune conditions have heavy metal toxicity as the root cause.

Some dental procedures also wreak havoc on the human body. One such example is root canal therapy performed when a tooth is dead or abscessed. The root canal system is cleansed and sealed and the tooth is restored to its function. However, as it turns out, the root canal system is so complex that no matter how meticulous the dentist is, bacteria is left behind and a chronic infection persists. This drives the immune system into a perpetual state of emergency as bacterial toxins are circulated around the body. Fibromyalgia, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis are but a few examples of autoimmune disease connected to a presence of dead teeth. Furthermore, the presence of dead teeth has also been linked to cancer as the immune system has been completely overwhelmed with ongoing infection.

Another problem is an incomplete tooth extraction. Unfortunately, dental schools do not teach the correct way to extract teeth. There is an important additional step without which the bone cannot fully regenerate, resulting in so called NICO lesions. NICO stands for neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis of jaw bone. This step is the removal of fibrous tissue called periodontal ligament. If this ligament is left in place it acts as a barrier to bone cells and blood supply, resulting in chronic infection of that unhealed site. The immune system is set up again for a failure in its futile attempt to overcome the infection. Autoimmunity and cancer is often the unfortunate result.

In fact, cancer and autoimmune disease treatment should be initiated by performing biological dental revision first and foremost. Any practitoner that omits this critical step will waste their patients' resources and precious time as the root cause is not being identified nor addressed. Biological dental revision begins with removal of metal from the oral cavity. A typical biological dentist is certified by International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to remove mercury and metal alloy safely under a strict set of guidelines. Next step is to remove all dead and abscessed teeth as well as those previously treated with root-canal therapy. Stripping the extraction socket of the periodontal ligament is a must. The use of ozone gas and platelet-rich fibrinogen (PRF) that is harvested from patient's blood is also quickly becoming a standard of care in biological dental surgery. Ozone gas disinfects the surgical site and stimulates the immune system and oxygen metabolism. PRF helps regenerate bone due to its high content of stem cells, growth factors, and infection-fighting leukocytes. Finally, the areas of chronic NICO lesions must also be surgicaly revised. And likewise, ozone gas and PRF should be utilized to help the jaw bone finally regenerate. There is a lot that goes into biological dental revision protocol and we only scratched the surface here. However once this critical step is accomplished, the treating physician such as an oncologist or alternative physician is set up for likelihood of successful treatment.

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