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Ozone Therapy

What is it?

Ozone is used in many of our services as it is great for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact.  Ozone is naturally occurring in our environment in a gaseous form and can also be produced in office using an ozone generator with pure oxygen.  

How do we use it?

In office, we utilize ozone by applying it directly to cavities during treatments to reduce the bacteria in the teeth that caused that cavity to form.  We also use it during extractions, gum treatments and teeth cleanings.  

Have sensitive teeth? Ozone may help!

Ozone has a wonderful side effect of treating sensitive teeth and making them less sensitive if not completely sensitivity free.

How do we apply it?

Ozone is used in gaseous form, as well as suspended in liquids and oils.

We use direct gaseous form as well as ozonated water and oils such as avocado and sunflower.

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