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Whitening and Bleaching
Keeping our teeth their whitest is a lot harder than it sounds. With all the coffee, wine, smoking and other foods that have the ability to stain our teeth on a daily basis, even proper maintenance sometimes leaves them a little lackluster. Teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore the natural color of your teeth or even make them whiter than your natural color if you would like. Read more
Teeth Bonding
Bonding is a popular method to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Bonding can be used to correct cracks or gaps in teeth, as a filling after a cavity has been removed, or to cover up stains or discolored teeth. Read more
Dental Hygiene
While at our office, we make sure that you receive the highest level of service and ensure that our dental work is of the highest quality. To ensure that you maintain great oral health, this level of quality needs to extend into your personal oral hygiene routine. We can help you establish a dental hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy and white. Read more
Root Planning
Often there is plaque and tartar that accumulates below the gum line. In this scenario, we will clean and smooth this area with special instruments to ensure that the area is completely spotless. It's very important to have your dentist check this area if you have bleeding during brushing. Read more

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Pulling Oil thru your teeth

September 2, 2015   |   Blog

That’s right! OIL! Dr. Mallery as well as many of today’s top dental professionals recommend Pulling Oil, Organic Coconut Oil or Sunflower Oil that...

Natural Whiting

What the toothpaste companies DON’T want you to know!

August 27, 2015   |   Announcement

All you need for a whiter brighter smile is Hydrogen Peroxide and Organic Baking Soda. When mixed together the baking soda creates a nice thick paste...