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Facial Esthetics and PRF Dermapen: An Alternative to Toxic Botox

Did you know that dentists outnumber medical doctors in facial esthetics? Turns out that dentists administer injections in the most sensitive area of the body, arguably, and many have developed gentle techniques. Dentists are also very comfortable with needles due to daily use of dental anesthetics and are well versed in the delicate anatomy of the head and neck region. For that reason many take advanced classes in Botox injections for therapeutic as well as cosmetic applications. There is a new trend that is emerging mainly among biological/holistic dentists and that is using platelet-rich fibrinogen, or PRF, in regeneration of dental surgical sites as well as in facial esthetics. Botox, being a toxic substance, carries a risk of vascular occlusion and skin necrosis. PRF is harvested from the patient’s own blood; therefore the risk of skin toxicity is exceedingly low. Several vials of a patient’s blood are spun in a centrifuge which separates blood cells from plasma. This plasma is rich in stem cells and growth factors that stimulate skin cells to rejuvenate. PRF, which is in liquid form, can be gently injected directly into problem spots such as wrinkles or blemishes and the rest is used for microneedling via Dermapen. For the most optimal results it is recommended to have three sessions one month apart followed by one or two sessions per year for maintenance as needed. Of course, nutritional cleansing prior to and post procedure will enhance the result and is highly recommended. At White Sands Dentistry we are very excited to announce that we expanded our tool set to include this great rejuvenating procedure and are currently offering our 2020 New Year Dermapen Special of purchasing three sessions for a price of two!

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