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Find out why Dr. Mallery prefers to rinse with Himalayan pink salt rather than the every day commerc

Toss out your commercial mouth wash as it is not only creating an environmental footprint; it is also expensive and full of chemicals! These chemicals will work AGAINST you when you are trying to achieve optimal oral health. Try a home-made rinse instead!

I make my own home-made rinse solution simply by using Himalayan pink salt and distilled water. Himalayan pink salt is preferred because it derives its color from trace minerals that are very beneficial to our enamel and gum tissue. It enhances the enamel remineralization and promotes healing processes. The alternative salt to use would be sea salt. Please keep in mind that regular table salt will NOT work for this solution.

Making your own home-made rinse solution does not have to be an exact science. You will use distilled, purified or filtered water mixed with either the Himalayan pink salt or the sea salt. Also, you will want to make sure that you use enough salt to make the solution saturated; meaning that the taste should be very salty. Place it into any receptacle you wish and make sure to keep it next to your bathroom sink for convenience.

Use daily and enjoy the benefits!

- Dr. Mallery

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